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Mission and vision


The Rijeka Airport mission is fulfilling a significant social role in meeting the community's need for adequate infrastructure and highest level of quality experience to enable safe and regular traffic to people and goods by air, while continuously increasing the quality of service and customer satisfaction.


The Rijeka Airport's vision is to be a competitive international airport with full-year regular and charter traffic that meets all modern air transport requirements; An active, reliable and secure participant in the region's tourist traffic and an active participant in the creation of sustainable development and prosperity of the Primorsko-goranska County and beyond.


The starting point for defining Rijeka airport's objectives are mission and vision, while the annual business plans define the goals that serve as guide and detailed planning of activities throughout the year.

    The general objectives of the Rijeka Airport are:

  • Increase of aircraft, passengers and cargo traffic

  • Quality of service

  • Development of infrastructure

  • Safety and security of air traffic

  • Employee education

  • Environmental protection

    The specific objectives of the Rijeka Airport operations in the forthcoming period are:

  • Transformation of Rijeka Airport into the airport available to all air transport users H24 throughout the whole year, with constant connectivity with other types of transport and network of airports in the world.

  • Integration into the international air traffic system, respecting all restrictions given the specific international border crossing.

  • Integration into the domestic air traffic system through a PSO model with a volume of at least 700 flights a year.

  • Integrating as one of the development drivers in the County traffic direction.

  • Securing the position for development of the Rijeka Airport through integration into spatial plans and strategic programs at the local, county and state levels.

  • Ensuring the continuous maintenance and development of infrastructure, equipment and knowledge in order to ensure rigorous minimum quality of functioning of the same in front of the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency and the European Aviation Safety Agency.

  • Ensuring continuous growth of traffic (increasing number of air carriers, increasing number of destinations, increasing number of rotations) and sustainable development of the Airport while respecting the environmental impact.

  • Conducting a company's business with the care of a good businessman for safe, efficient and regular customer service.

  • Rationalization of the Company's operations through personnel reorganization and retraining, additional education and training for work in multiple jobs of the same complexity of the business.


    The basic organizational values of the Rijeka Airport are:

  • Social Responsibility

  • Professionalism

  • Ethnicity

  • Security and protection


    Rijeka Airport's relationship with third parties is based on the following settings:

  • Legitimacy in work and actions in all business segments

  • Transparency

  • Quality of service and customer satisfaction County