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Lost luggage

Delayed or damaged luggage can be reported at the information desk after you land in Rijeka Airport. It is not possible to report baggage irregularity after leaving the airport at the infromation counter, only online.

Delayed luggage

We ask passengers to report delayed baggage online using carrier's website as this will avoid queues and provide the most accurate information being entered into the form. If you are unable to do so, you can report your missing bag at the information desk.

After filling the report the passenger will receive a unique file reference number, which can also be used to track the luggage location by signing up on a baggage tracking link on the carriers' web site. *

*As soon as the luggage arrives at the Rijeka Airport, the Lost Luggage staff will immediately contact the passenger and arrange the delivery or pick-up.

Damaged luggage

If the luggage is damaged, a report will be made on information desk, after which the passenger must contact the airline within a certain time (deadline determined by the airline) in order to receive compensation.

If you require further assistance, please contact +385 99 525 8911 or ask airport staff at information desk.