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Rijeka Airport starts campaign "YOUR airport with a soul!"

After many years of investing all the funds exclusively in the projects necessary for the basic functioning of the airport,, Rijeka Airport has finally provided funds for marketing investments and the promotion of the airport. Starting from the point of very low knowledge that local population has on the offer of Rijeka Airport, the focus of this campaign are precisely the citizens and local residents of the Rijeka Airports County. The researchs have shown that the majority of locals in the travel organization use nearby larger airports such as Zagreb, Venice and Trieste, and are not aware that from Rijeka Airport they can be in desired European destination for only one hour and a half to two hours! Therefore, apart from the significant time travel savings, departure from Rijeka Airport makes traveling much less stressful, and individual approach of the Airport staff to each traveler turns a tiring journey into a real pleasure. So all mentioned brought to the name of the campaign: "Rijeka Airport - YOUR airport with a soul"
The campaign itself started on March 5, 2018. with official announcement on the Facebook page of Rijeka Airport, and it will last intensively untill the beginning of July. The main partners of the Rijeka Airport in this campaign are Radio Korzo and Kanal Ri,. So during following months all listeners of Radio Korzo, viewers of Kanal Ri and followers of Rijeka Airport offical Facebook page can expect numerous news, as well as award quizzes with over 20 tickets for multiple destinations from Rijeka Airport.