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Rijeka Airport starts campaign "YOUR airport with a soul!"

After many years of investing all the funds exclusively in the projects necessary for the basic functioning of the airport,, Rijeka Airport has finally provided funds for marketing investments and the promotion of the airport. Starting from the point of very low knowledge that local population has on the offer of Rijeka Airport, the focus of this campaign are precisely the citizens and local residents of the Rijeka Airports County. The researchs have shown that the majority of locals in the travel organization use nearby larger airports such as Zagreb, Venice and Trieste, and are not aware that from Rijeka Airport they can be in desired European destination for only one hour and a half to two hours! Therefore, apart from the significant time travel savings, departure from Rijeka Airport makes traveling much less stressful, and individual approach of the Airport staff to each traveler turns a tiring journey into a real pleasure. So all mentioned brought to the name of the campaign: "Rijeka Airport - YOUR airport with a soul"
The campaign itself started on March 5, 2018. with official announcement on the Facebook page of Rijeka Airport, and it will last intensively untill the beginning of July. The main partners of the Rijeka Airport in this campaign are Radio Korzo and Kanal Ri,. So during following months all listeners of Radio Korzo, viewers of Kanal Ri and followers of Rijeka Airport offical Facebook page can expect numerous news, as well as award quizzes with over 20 tickets for multiple destinations from Rijeka Airport.

Interesting analysis about (dis)connection of smaller airports in Croatia

Portal avioradar.hr published an interesting analysis about the (dis) connections of smaller airports in Croatia, in which also participated Rijeka Airport.
Rijeka Airport statement from the article:
"Rijeka Airport has been working very intensively in the last few years to introduce new destinations, and lot of resources have been invested to bring new airlines to Kvarner. This is possible on several annual conferences (Routes, Connect), where airport representatives meet with airline representatives, and negotiate possibilities for increasing their operations and introducing new destinations. As in every industry, in the aviation industry, the laws of supply and demand are applicable, so before the introduction of any new destination, the airlines are carrying out numerous route performance analysis. They continue to operate on the routes that bring them the greatest profit or introduce new ones if the analyzes show that they'll bring significant profits in the future. It is important to point out that when introducing new destinations the airline's risk is the highest and it depends largely on the recognizability of this new destination in the distant markets that need to be connected by airline. In the case of famous destinations for which travelers are aware of, or have already formed a specific demand for, there is no need for additional investment in marketing. In that case the risk of airline reduces to minimum. However, in cases where the destination is unknown in distant markets which needs airline connections, and there is still no specific demand for that destination among airline passengers, airline risk is much higher and additional funding is needed (in the form of a discount on airport services or in terms of marketing funds). This is precisely the case of Rijeka and Kvarner, which has a very high third place in the number of arrivals in Croatia, is well positioned and well known in the neighboring countries, more suitable for cars and bus passengers, while in further markets it still insufficiently recognized. Therefore, in terms of additional support to air carriers, Rijeka Airport has invested nearly 3 million € of its own funds in the last 3 years (1.5 million € in terms of discount, 1.5 million € in terms of advertising). In addition to that in last 3 years also 1,25 million € of joint funds by regional and local units and tourist boards was invested for the purpose of investing in airline development. However, not even these very significant funds (Rijeka Airport's own funds invested in the development of new lines represents almost 45% of its TOTAL BUDGET!), did not lead to an increase in the number of passengers which are accomplished in other Croatian well known markets.
Therefore, it can be concluded that airports, with all their efforts and investments, can not significantly influence the airlines decisions on the viability of introducing a new destination. The crucial factor of their decision is ultimately the degree of development of the destination, its offer, brand, the demand for travelers to visit them, and the recognition of the destination and its reputation. Ultimately, travelers do not come to a destination for the airport, but for the destination itself!"

The whole article in croatian language is available in the following link:

Rijeka Airport - certified aerodrome for indefinite period!

On 29.12.2017. Rijeka Airport received an official confirmation of airport certification for indefinite period! Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, which is authorized to monitor and implement the international standards necessary to fulfill the State's responsibility for air traffic safety control, awarded Rijeka airport with Aerodrome certificate and Aerodrome operator certificate, which confirms the compliance of the airport with all regulations and international standards.
Rijeka Airpot had from 15.12.2014. until now only Temporary aerodrome certificate, based on which it was necessary to carry out certain adjustments to the EU regulations in order to receive the Certificate for an indefinite period. Therefore, this Certificate is a proof of successful implementation of numerous projects and harmonization with international regulations in the last 3 years.

Dutch low-cost airline, Transavia, arrives to Rijeka airport!

For the first time in history the famous Dutch low-cost airline Transavia announced new schedule flight to Rijeka Airport: Rijeka-Eindhoven. On 21.12.2017. started tickets sale for this route, which will finally connect residents of the Rijeka region with the Netherlands.
Eindhoven is one of the largest cities in the Netherlands, located only 111km from Amsterdam. It is a famous tourist and business center with many tourist attractions, most notably the Philips Museum since the world-famous brand was born in this city.
Flights to visit this interesting city will be operated with B737-800 189 seats, 2 times a week on Thursdays and Sundays, from 5.7.2018. untill 2.9.2018.
Transavia is a Dutch low-cost airline, part of the AIR FRANCE KLM group, which has been in the market for more than 50 years. The main base of Transavie is located at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, and currently has ground planes at airports in Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Paris, Lyon, Nantes, and since 2015 Munich.
You can buy the Rijeka-Eindhoven tickets now via the official Transavie website: www.transavia.com from only € 39 in one way!

Condor airline returns to Rijeka airport!

After 2 years from withdrawal of Condor from RIjeka airport, in upcoming summer season 2018 this airline returns on route RIjeka-Frankfurt. Franfurt airport is 4th Europe busiest airport with over 60 million passenger per year and connections to almost all destinations on all continets.
Flights to Frankfurt from Rijeka with Condor will operate 2 times weekly, on Thursdays and Sundays, in period from May untill October 2018. In addition to already announced flights to Frankfurt with Ryanair, on Tuesday and Saturday, this means that route Rijeka-Frankfurt will be operated in total 4 times weekly!
With over 7 million passengers and about 80 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, Condor is one of the world's leading leisure travel airline. The Condor fleet consists of over 30 aircraft served by the experienced organization of GMO Group Thomas Cook Airlines, which ensures the highest quality in maintenance and servicing. The main base of the Condor is located in Frankfurt, but it also has bases is in Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Koln, Hanover, Leipzig, Stuttgart and Hamburg in Germany.

Santa Claus visited Rijeka airport!

1.12.2017. Santa landed at Rijeka airport with direct flight from Laponia bringing joy to all children who welcomed him!
Video from this event can be seen here:

Santa Claus is coming to Rijeka Airport

For upcoming holidays Santa decided to come to Rijeka Airport and present seasonal programme of Omisalj. All kids will recieve gifts so all are invated to come and give him a warm welcome!

Minister of the sea, transport and infrastructure and Minister of tourism visited Rijeka Airport!

On 10.11.2017. Minister of the sea, transport and infrastructure Oleg Butkovic and Minister of tourism Gari Capelli visited Rijeka Airport and announced big investment in infrastructure and joint advertising in 2018.

Flights Rijeka-Köln from 19,99€!

After announcement of all-year round flights from Rijeka to Köln Eurowings brings more great news!
Tickets for this flights cen be purcahsed already from 19,99€!
So hurry to bok your ticket on Eurowings web site, as they are in limited number!

World on the palm of your hands throughout whole year!

Based on the increasing results and the constant increase in the number of passengers at Rijeka Airport, Eurowings management has decided to introduce a regular winter line that connects Rijeka with Cologne throughout the whole year. After the introduction of full-year regular domestic flights (Split, Dubrovnik, Osijek) since winter 2016/17 the upcoming winter will introduce a new year-long international route. That is sensational news for Rijeka Airport and its entire environment, since in recent history Airport Rijeka has not provided its passengers and users with international routes throughout the year, but mostly only during the summer months. The introduction of winter routes represents a significant positive step for the entire county, its economy, residents, and especially all tourism-related subjects, and besides that it creates a habit among passengers of having easier and faster transfers throughout the whole year.
This is the result of the great efforts that the Rijeka Airport Management in cooperation with its co-owners: the County, the City of Rijeka, the local municipality of Omišalj and the associated tourist communities, invests in the promotion and sustainability of the Rijeka Airport, and represents only the initial step in its further growth and development .
The official sale of tickets for this flights began on 5 July 2017, and can be purchased on Eurowing website: www.eurowings.com. The first flight from Cologne to Rijeka runs on 10.11.2017. At 12: 35h, returning from Rijeka to Cologne the same day at 14: 40h. During the whole winter period (10.11.2017 - 21.3.2018), the route will be operated twice a week, on Sundays and Fridays (10.11.2017 - 1.12.2017 and 12.1.2018 - 16.2.2018), and on Sundays and Wednesdays (6.12.2017 - 3.1.2018 and 21.2.2018 - 21.3.2018)

Rijeka airport visited by over 1.000 kids in 2017

Rijeka Airport is kids friendly airport and through its organized tours all children can be acquainted with all aspects of the operation of the international airport and its services on educational, professional and fun way. In 2017 more than 1.000 children from elementary schools from the islands of Krk and Rab, Rijeka, Crikvenica, Gorski Kotar and even Lika visited Rijeka Airport.

First flight from Hannover welcomed with water shower!

On 22.6.2017. at Rijeka Airport Rijeka landed the first flight from Hannover which was welcomed with a water shower!
Flights Hannover - Rijeka - Hannover every Thursday will be operated until 26.10.2017. Check the prices and availability of the tickets on the Eurowings website.