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Passenger Check-in counter is opened 120 min prior to international and 60 min prior to domestic flight departures. We kindly ask the passengers to register in time, to avoid eventual delays.

To enable us to provide adequate services, it is necessary to emphasise the category of passenger, for example: unaccompanied child, disabled persons, persons in need for help, persons travelling with a pet, etc.

By online registartion you save your time. It can be done through official web page of the carrier. Identification can be made by name and surname, or number of ticket, or Frequent Flier Card, or rezervation code.

Passengers who need to check hold baggage can do it at check in desks. Passengers are asked to check any restrictions concerning quantity and weight of hand and hold baggage with their air carrier.

Passengers have to come to the gate latest untill time stated in boarding pass.

A few useful advices: Be sure to arrive one hour prior to a domestic flight and two hours before an international departure. Proper identification is a must. All adults need either a PHOTO ID issued by a government authority or Two other forms of identification at least ONE of which must be issued by a government authority. You will need proof of same - day travel, such as a ticket, or boarding pass. Bring a note from physician if you have surgical steel implants. Check with your airline for any for any specific requirements. For international travel, adults and minors will also need a PASSPORT and any necessary VISAS.

Getting to the airport

Check with your airline for delays and cancellations. Be aware that vehicles may be randomly searched prior to parking. Curbside checking is now permitted. Drivers should drop off passengers and quickly depart. Curbside parking is strictly prohibited. Check the flight departure time and check -in deadline. Try to arrive early at the airport, because check - in deadline are more restrictive now that security measures have been reinforced.


For information about any documents required for entering and leaving the Republic of Croatia contact:


Airport police station Rijeka

Tel: +385 51842-231

Fax: +385 51 439 550

E-mail: pap.rijeka@mup.hr


Visa requests

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia


+ 385 1 4598 035

+ 385 1 4598 034

+ 385 1 4569 964



Customs Directory of the Republic of Croatia

Telephone: +385 1 6102 333

web: www.carina.hr

Customs House Rijeka

Telephone: +385 51 359 800

Terminal Customs Office at Rijeka Airport

Telephone: +385 51 319 169